Shoulder Conditions

These are some of the conditions that can cause shoulder symptoms

Shoulder Arthritis

"Wear and Tear" of the ball and socket joint of the shoulder that causes pain and stiffness.

Shoulder Instability

A condition in which the ball and socket joint of the shoulder is "loose" causing apprehension and in some instances allowing the joint to dislocate.

Shoulder Impingement

A condition in which the tendons in the shoulder become irritated and inflamed causing pain and weakness.

Rotator Cuff Tear

A condition in which one or more of the principal tendons around the shoulder is torn producing pain and weakness.

It commonly occurs due to "wear and tear" but may

occur following an injury.

Long Head of Biceps

The biceps muscle has two anchoring tendons, one of which passes into the shoulder joint and inserts onto the top of the socket.  The tendon can become irritated along its course within the joint or at the insertion point on the socket

(SLAP Tear).

Acromioclavicular Joint

The acromioclavicular joint is the articulation between the end of the collar bone and the shoulder blade.  It is the joint most commonly affected by arthritis, but may also become displaced after injury.

Frozen Shoulder

A common condition, also known as "adhesive capsulitis", where there is inflammation and scarring of the lining of the shoulder joint that causes severe pain and stiffness.

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