"............a massive thank you as since the operation in March I'm now fully upgraded and in working order.  I've followed the rehab plan to the letter and now I am completely pain-free and I've got 90% of my strength back."  K.B.


"Thank you very much for making me feel better about the surgery and thank you for taking your time and skill on my arm.  I feel so much better now that it is fixed.  And thank you for making my operation a great experience, it will now make me feel much more confident if I needed surgery again in the future."  T.K. (12yrs old)


"I have full and strong movement, quite possibly better than many men my age (76) who have never had surgery.  I am able to go shooting and to do my hedge laying without any problem so I am eternally grateful to Mark for a great result."  M.B.


"I cannot thank you enough for your super brilliant care, expertise, advice, time and compassion when looking after my shoulder.  I am incredibly humbled by your knowledge and collegiality.  It is humbling and a great privilege to have had your care and to work alongside you too.  Amazing, so thank you for everything."  M.


"...............thank you for the amazing work you did...............I have to thank you all, and I do so from the bottom of my heart."  M.B.


"You carried out an operation on my shoulder..............With your skill, my shoulder is almost normal, needing only strengthening.  Thank you very much for helping me to recover from the road accident so I can continue with a full life."  M.L.


"Your work on me.............. has turned out to be a complete success, and I cannot thank you, and your staff enough."  C.L.


"Thank you ................in the fabulous care I had in my operation"  M.B.


"Big thank you Mr Paul Guyver and the team in Theatre 12 for my shoulder op.......#professionals #teamwork......" D.M. (Twitter)


"The treatment and care that my Dad received throughout this challenging time was excellent."  K.G.


"I am the OC physio at RM Poole.  You have reviewed a number of our chaps over the last few years - thank you so much for your ongoing support.  You do a fantastic job with them and have a great reputation here amongst the team"  P.T.


"Dr Brinsdon made me feel completely at ease.  Wonderful approach.  Very thorough."  GMC Survey


"Bright, cheerful, welcoming.  Reassuring and talked through everything easily for me to understand.  Felt in safe hands."  GMC Survey


"Excellent, professional care."  GMC Survey


"He is excellent and reassuring."  GMC Survey


A very nice doctor, put at my ease instantly."  GMC Survey


"Most informative and very clear in explaining, a very nice manner."  GMC Survey


"Post-op recovery is going well.  The nurse at my GP's was extremely impressed with how good it looked.  A very neat job."  H.B. 


"I want to write and thank the team..........for their efficiency, professionalism and friendliness treating my husband............Mr Guyver and his team epitomised all that is great about our NHS......."  K.F.


"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the whole team that looked after me after my surgery I was treated with exceptional care and attention which was very much appreciated."  J.T.


"..........thank you for the time you took to examine her and explain the nature of her condition and the treatment you planned.  She was grateful for the respect and dignity you demonstrated towards her.................She valued your explanation, openess and honesty and this she feels has enabled her to make an informed decision...........Thank you for your time, kindness and professionalism."  M.S.


"........I would like to thank you for improving my life by such a great margin since my shoulder operation.  I am already swimming three quarters of a mile three times a week and doing rope work in the gym and to top it all I managed to hang out a line of washing yesterday.  Thank you so much."  H.R.


".........thank you most sincerely for helping me...........I am happy to report that I am healing very well and cannot thank you enough for your talent and expertise in putting me back together again."  G.G.


"Thank you so much for fixing my shoulder.  I know that I am not quite there yet but I have every confidence that I will be back responding to 999 calls in no time.  It has been a long hard journey but I will always be grateful to you for diagnosing and fixing the problems."  V.M.


"12 months on from your surgery I want to let you know how successful it has been.  I'm now back windsurfing, swimming and even climbing with a shoulder which feels more mobile, stronger and less painful than it has been for many years."  D.D.


".......thank you to you and all your team for the kindness and care that you so generously gave to me before, during and after my shoulder arthropathy.  I was overwhelmed by the kindness shown to me and the dedication to my case............."  I.C.


"............I have just won an important golf competition..............This win is just two months after my 75th birthday and seven months after my shoulder surgery.  I am obviously absolutely delighted with the results.  It confirms your belief that it was worth undertaking shoulder surgery on a 74 year old.  I am hoping to be able to win many more senior's events in the future.  Thank you for great help."  M.L.


"Thank you for your excellent skill in dealing with my # arm and shoulder............I appreciate the discreet scar that has been left, I expected far worse.  I have been very impressed with the standard of skill and care shown to me........"  J.P.


"Thank you very much for your kind and prompt help with my shoulder.  It was great to have a thorough and professional assessment to put my mind at rest."  B.W.


"................thank you..............for the excellent operation on my shoulder and the post op care and advice."  D.M.


"Thank you so much...........for going above and beyond to help us out."  G.C.


"I would just like to thank you and your team for all the excellent care my Mum received from you during her recent admission.  I understand it was a difficult fracture to operate on however she felt things were explained clearly which gave her complete confidence in you and the operating team."  S.P.


"From start to finish you have been brilliant. Thank you so much for your care."  J.S.


".........thank you for your excellent and prompt attention to my dislocated elbow........I must say that my progress seems very satisfactory from the point-of-view of pain and range of movement. I am approaching the pint-of-beer criteria!"  C.M.


"........THANK YOU so much for being the surgeon that had to undertake my very complicated surgery last week."  K.M.


".......remains absolutely delighted.  She and I are both extremely grateful.  Thank you so much."  J.S.


"All your help and reassurance much appreciated." J.B.  


".............thank you for all your time and effort..............."  S.L-P.


"Please can I say a massive thank you............I now have a completely pain free shoulder."  T.D.


"Thank you so much for seeing us today,........ I really appreciate it.  You could not have been more open, empathetic and patient, thank you."  J.S. 


"Thank you........very happy with the advice you have given."  A.N.


"I just wanted to pass on my huge gratitude to commander Guyver and his whole team for my recent surgery - so glad I had it done!"  M.R.


"Much obliged for the time and expertise that you gave over the past couple of months.  Your prompt opinion greatly assisted on the road to recovery."  C.R.


"Many, many thanks - really valued and appreciated........"  D.M.


"Thank you for your help and support"  S.B-S.


"Thank you (and your team) for your brilliance and dedication in putting broken people like me back together.  I will be eternally grateful for your skills as so many before me must be."  L.M.


"Thank you, thank you, thank you and your marvellous team for my wonderful new shoulder.  I am so happy........."  S.W.


"Thank you for your help it is very much appreciated."  N.R.


"Cheers Mark, thanks for all your help."  R.H.


"......many thanks for the excellent job done on my right shoulder, so the cello is back!"  J.S.


"It was a very serious fracture of his elbow and upper arm and he is making an amazing recovery & is hoping to return to work next month.  Without your skill he would not be where he is today, his GP was amazed with how well he is doing."  J.Y.


"Thank you for your help Mark.  It is much appreciated."  N.B.


"Thank you so much for looking after me..................I really appreciate the individualised care."  P.W.


"I would like to emphasise the excellent level of care and treatment I received from Mr Guyver..............................I have been extremely impressed with his friendly, down-to-earth and professional manner and I am very grateful for his time and effort."  W.M.


"Thanks Mark - the service we received was outstanding."  K.H.


"What fantastic service!"  A.B.


"Thank you Mark............Elbow feels great!  No pain."  S.W.


"I just wanted to say thank you for operating on my Grandmother today."  S.W.


"Thanks so much for seeing me today and your most valued advice."  S.T.


"............a BIG thank you..............."  J.C.


"...........thank you so much for your care during my time in hospital."  R.M.


"I would like to express my thanks for the care and attention paid to my wife during her surgery by yourself yesterday….the operation was successful ….my wife remains in good spirits many thanks."  J.L.


"I am especially grateful to you for: your kindness; your willingness to go the extra mile; your holistic care; your calm and reasoned decision-making; your surgical ability.  I am so glad that I was under your care."  G.H.


"........a big Thank You for all your help and kindness during my treatment."  R.F.


"Thanks Mark, for your time and expertise as always it is hugely appreciated."  P.M.


"Many thanks for your help today Mark.  Outstanding service!"  M.S.


"Many thanks for everything..................thrilled with the comfort, scar and general mobility even at this very early stage."  R.C.


".......thank you again for all your help and support with my injury"  D.M.


"Many thanks for my new shoulder, we are getting along famously!"  S.W.


"I wish to express my deepest gratitude................for the highest standards of care and treatment following my accident."  S.P.


"I was so well looked after and have been remarkably pain-free and mobile.........."  S.C.


"I would like to thank you most sincerely for putting my shoulder back together again"  J.Y.


"I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for everything you have done for me regarding my arm"  C.B.


".....within two hours I had x-rays, ultrasound scans and an injection in my shoulder (rotator cuff impingement).  Two days later all the pain has gone and I feel so much better..............quite incredible really."  K.E.


"Really appreciate your work today."  S.B.


"I'm still taking care of the elbow, your handiwork is still working fine."  A.G.


"..................as ever my grateful thanks."  L.W.


"Having suffered with a problematic shoulder for over six years, Mark Brinsden is the only doctor, out of many, who never ceased trying to find out the cause.  Although unrepairable, he made me feel very well looked after and a very valued patient."  NHS Hero Award citation


"Mr Brinsden and all the staff, thank you for your kindness and wonderful care.........."  E.S.


"I am very grateful for all you did for me."  W.C.


"Thank you for putting me back together."  J.P.


"Thanks for doing a great job fixing me."  P.W.


"I very much appreciate your kind care."  J.P.


"I would like to thank you for your advice when I consulted you.............thank you for being so patient with me."  H.D.


Please note that some of these testimonials have been edited in order to maintain confidentiality

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